3 Signs You Should Upgrade To An Automatic Can Seamer From A Manual Can Seamer For Your Small Business

If you run a small business that makes beer, canned foods or other canned items, you might currently use a manual can seamer. Manual can seamers work effectively and might have worked well for your small business so far, but it might be time to upgrade to an automatic unit. It might be time to upgrade to an automatic can seamer if one of these situations apply to your small business.

3 Practical Benefits Of EDM Manufacturing Services For Custom Metal Work

If you're looking to customize some tough materials, such as steel and other alloys, then you'll need access to a special machining process. That's where EDM manufacturing services come in handy. They can help with your material customization projects in the following ways. Creates Very Little Impact If you're working with thin sheets of metal, the slightest wrong amount of force can cause structural damage to your materials. Then, you would have to start customizing all over and waste a lot of money on replacement materials.

An Up-Close Look At The Different Types Of Film Testing

Take a stroll through your local grocery store and you will see all kinds of plastic film. You probably have several products around your home that have some kind of plastic film inside. Film made out of plastic serves an array of different purposes, and these films have to go through rigorous testing before they are put to use.  The film can be tested for thickness.  Obtaining a precise thickness measurement for plastic films is important for a few reasons.