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3 Signs You Should Upgrade To An Automatic Can Seamer From A Manual Can Seamer For Your Small Business

If you run a small business that makes beer, canned foods or other canned items, you might currently use a manual can seamer. Manual can seamers work effectively and might have worked well for your small business so far, but it might be time to upgrade to an automatic unit. It might be time to upgrade to an automatic can seamer if one of these situations apply to your small business.

1. You Want to Work More Quickly

Although a manual can seamer can work well for sealing up cans for your small business, it isn't usually the fastest way of getting the job done. You might have found that it's tough for you to keep up with your company's canning needs if you only have a manual can seamer, particularly if your small business has grown over the past few months. Compare the speeds of different automatic can seamers if you're interested in speeding up production; you may have to spend more on a faster automatic can seamer, but you might find that the increase in speed is worthwhile.

2. You Want to Prevent Human Error

A manual can seamer might do most of the hard work, but it does still require some human input. Along with requiring more work from your employees, there is also more of a chance of a human error being made during the canning process if you use a manual can seamer. If you want to reduce the chances of a mistake being made by an employee during the canning process, choosing an automatic can seamer is not a bad decision to make. Plus, you can reduce the number of employees that you have to have involved in the canning process, although you will still need to have workers on hand to supervise the automatic equipment while it's being used.

3. It's Time to Buy a New Unit Anyway

Your manual can seamer might have worked well for your business so far, but it might be time to replace it now. If you need to replace an old and worn-out unit anyway, you may want to look at better options this time around. Even if you wouldn't have gone out of your way to purchase an automatic can seamer just yet, doing it now will help you ensure that you have the best equipment possible and will prevent you from having to replace your can seamer again anytime soon.