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6 Reasons to Use Laser Cutting Technology in Your Industry

The modern world has adopted laser technology and its countless applications quite impressively. Among the many businesses making good use of lasers are those in the manufacturing sector. Professionals who work in manufacturing have gradually replaced conventional cutting methods with modern laser cutting technology. Find out more about laser cutting and why your company should use it.

What Is Laser Cutting?

High-energy lasers in laser cutters cut various materials, including wood, foam, paper, acrylic, steel, and aluminum. And, while manufacturing industries are the primary users of this technique, numerous other organizations, including schools and small businesses, use it to improve the appearance of edges in cut surfaces.

Why Use Laser Cutting?

If you wonder whether using a laser to cut materials and surfaces is of any good to your business, consider these advantages of laser cutters.

Optimum precision

For accuracy and precision in cutting materials, lasers are superior to other thermal cutting solutions. The precision laser cutters offer is indispensable in low-tolerance industries that manufacture sensitive products like surgical implements, aircraft parts, and puzzle chain linkages.

Flexible use

Laser cutters are suitable for almost all kinds of materials. From metals and plywood to cloth and foam, lasers can cut through anything effectively. That means, with laser cutting, you won't need different tools to cut different materials. Besides, laser cutting works in both simple and complex projects. Therefore, you can use a laser to cut intricate designs and patterns on products or simply slice material.

Reduced material wastage

Using conventional cutting methods often leads to material wastage, especially when one side gets cut incorrectly and becomes unusable. But, since laser cutters nest cuts using highly optimized software, the usability of most parts and components improves. That, in turn, reduces overall costs and facilitates a faster turnaround time.

Less damage and distortions

The HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) of laser cutters is typically minute. Therefore, using these tools won't compromise the tolerance of materials or lead to damage. On the other hand, other traditional alternatives that produce massive friction and heat can cause distortion and warping on low-tolerance surfaces.

Efficient energy use

Modern laser cutters come with features that allow them to use less energy without compromising efficiency. And, since cutting using laser beams is precise and faster, you won't have to spend excess energy repeatedly correcting mistakes or dealing with slow cutting processes. The less energy your applications use, the more you'll enjoy reduced bills and contribute to environmental conservation.

Faster cutting speeds

Laser cutters can cut metals and other materials fast. This quality makes them ideal for use on thick surfaces that can be tricky to cut with other tools. Plus, fast cutting speeds shorten your lead time and, consecutively, increase output.