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How To Set Up Store Display Boxes For An Upscale Effect

How interested a buyer is in your product is mostly about the demonstration of the products themselves. If you own a jewelry store, you will get more customers in with proper advertisements and displays. If you are selling jewelry everything from the facets of the stone to to the shine of the metal will be important. A classy effect goes a long way in attracting customers who are looking for quality jewels. Custom display cases are the best way to create the store that you need. Here are some ideas on creating a stylish effect in display boxes for your jewelry store.

Keep the selections small

One thing that you want to do is to keep the selections and collections that you display in the same box. Although you want to have an entire collection in one box, you want to be careful not to overwhelm the buyers with too many rings, necklaces, or jewels all at once. You want to have space between each product so that their eye can roam over plenty of things in a short span of time, but not so many that they will miss many of your jewels. Have display boxes custom created in a size that will fit the jewelry collections for your store.

Install proper lighting

If you will be displaying jewels, especially diamonds, you want to make sure that the lighting is just right. Install lights inside of your display cases that will softly hit the diamonds, with sheer color. You want to make sure that the lights are not colored in a way that will make the diamond appear flawed. Go for a clear or blue based light to allow the lights to enhance the beauty of each stone. Place small strip lights around the case so that each stone has the optimal amount of lighting.

Get small display boxes for major pieces

Every once in a while you will have a jewelry piece that is very popular or a special made jewel may come along that you wish to display. Get doubled-pained, smaller display cases to place around the store. These will allow you to create marketing corners around the store while keeping these jewels safe. Consider creating a window display by placing shelving on the interior of your windows. Bullet proof glass will be appropriate for this project, so that your jewels are appropriately safe for insurance purposes, but you can still offer a teaser product to get individuals to stop by your store.

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