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3 Tips For Safe Fuel Storage In Your Factory

There's a good chance that your factory uses a lot of fuel, which means that you probably try to keep an ample supply of it on hand. Storing fuel in bulk can help your factory secure the lowest rates when purchasing and can help prevent production from being halted due to a lack of fuel, but you have to ensure that your fuel is stored safely. Following these tips can help you keep yourself, your employees, and your industrial property safe from fires, explosions, and other potential safety hazards while ensuring that you have enough fuel on hand.

1. Ensure Fuel is Stored in Proper Tanks

First and foremost, you should ensure that your fuel is stored in tanks that are rated for the type of fuel that you are storing, such as propane. Never use a different type of tank for fuel storage. Also, make sure that your tanks are in good condition and have no rust or corrosion. You should also paint your tanks to help prevent them from corroding, which can cause leaks.

2. Properly Designate a Fuel Storage Area

If at all possible, store your fuel in a separate area of your factory to help keep your employees and property safe in the event of a leak. Make sure that the area is properly blocked off and notated so that others know that fuel is being stored there; if necessary, you can do so by spray painting or taping a line on the floor around the storage area to call attention to it. Post signage that urges employees to exercise caution and that prohibits smoking.

3. Inspect Tanks Regularly

Make it a part of your factory's daily routine to have your tanks inspected. Tanks should be inspected to ensure that there is no rust or corrosion, which should be addressed as soon as possible after it is found--luckily, this can generally be remedied by simply sanding the rust away with a handheld sanding machine or a piece of sandpaper and then painting over the area. Hoses and other components should also be checked for wear and tear or other signs of potential leaks. By having your tanks inspected regularly, you can attack these problems as soon as possible to help prevent leaks or other issues from occurring.

Storing fuel in your factory is probably a necessity. Luckily, you can do so safely if you implement a few safety tips.

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