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3 Things To Know About The Color Of Your Metal Roof

When you make the decision to invest in a metal roof, you have several decisions to make, including what color roofing you want. The color of the roof is more than just what complements the rest of your home. It can impact the energy efficiency of your home. Here is what you need to know about color and your metal roofing. 

Quality of Paint

Regardless of the color you choose, your roof will receive a protective paint coating. The coating is designed to prevent fading and add to the roofing's durability. When you are getting an estimate for your roofing, ensure that it is for a long-lasting coating instead of an acrylic paint coating. Acrylic tends to fade quickly and does not offer the protection that your metal roofing needs. 

Neighborhood Trends

It is also important that you take into account the paint trends in your neighborhood. Even though it is important that your home is unique, you do not want to choose a paint color that is overwhelmingly different from the other homes in your neighborhood. Your home could stand out and not in a good way. 

If your neighborhood has a Homeowner's Association, you might have to conform to paint standards set by it. Talk with the HOA before making your final paint decision. If the color you select does not meet the HOA's standards, you could end up repainting your roofing. 

Energy Efficiency

One surprising fact about the color of your roof which you might not realize is that the color can impact just how energy efficient your roof is. By nature, metal roofing is generally considered to be energy efficient. However, the wrong color can take away from just how energy efficient it is. 

Light colors are thought to be more energy efficient because they are better able to reflect sunlight. On the other hand, dark colors are considered less energy efficient because they tend to absorb the sunlight. As a result, your energy bills will not be as low as they could be. 

This does not mean that you have to end up with a white roof. Ask a roofing contractor from a company like JD Metals to show you paint colors that are Energy Star approved. There are many choices and some of them look darker than you would expect once they are applied. 

There are many other facets of your roofing that are important. By making the right choices, you can not only ensure that you get a solid, durable roof, but also save on your energy bills.